Ballet Now ! Learn the amazing and unknown facts about ballet in matters of minutes

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When i was little, my mother took me to ballet   because i was not fully ready to go with my sister  at gymnastics.  I always thought that ballet was only for the lazy ones …  I was totally wrong.

One day, out of curiosity , i discovered on the internet some amazing facts regarding this amazing sport : it makes your body  stronger ,and beautiful.  Like any other sports, ballet combines muscle strengthening and physical condition with intense cerebral activity .  It requires lots of concentration, and helps at releasing the stress that was built all day long plus , it really  helps brain oxygenation.  As you know , ballet rooms have large mirrors, up to ceiling .  Specialists have discovered that those that practice ballet ( performance or hobby ) have a higher self-esteem .

A ballet course takes up between 30 and 60 minutes.  It’s efficient especially for the foot : thighs and calves  are really stretched  throughout the training.  You’ll notice the difference between the fitness warming , because at ballet , you  have a fixed bar scene.  Each session begins with warming the feet.

The first exercices are concentrated on  calf muscles and feet.  Ballet shoes have full sole , and they resemble very much with the old ballet shoes with pointe ( wooden top , integrated in shoe, which helps the performer  ) .  Ballet shoes can have full sole or a two combination between canvas and leather.  While some sellers would recommend the highest priced ballet shoe, you must take in consideration the material of the floor that you will performe .  Let’s take for example a wooden floor would be perfect with leather ballet shoe , and canvas shoe are recommended in vinyl floor.

Then the process of training  larger muscles of the legs and, towards the end the  arms.

After you learn the ABCs of ballet, you can also do the same graceful moves that you see on stage.  But for this, keep in mind that ballet is more coordination of movements (eyes always look forward, never down), balance and mobility.

Ballet develops more energy, which will help you be more creative.  Shape your legs and hips look.

Muscle pain, especially in the first lessons, are the main problem.  But you can prevent this from any workout with simple moves as slow, without forcing the legs, arms or back.

Feet, the risk of tendonitis, muscle strains, muscle tears.  Also, stretching of ligaments may occur and  muscle damage.  Massage, acupuncture, reflexology, chiropractic treatment is very useful ways to get rid of problems that can be caused by long-standing practice of ballet.  The ankle sprains can occur, fractures, dislocations, tendinitis dancer, and the toes – subunghiale hematoma and infection.  Do not ignore medical gymnastics if, for one reason or another, have suffered an injury or health problem after dance classes.  For problems that occur during ballet lessons, even for beginners, it’s good to know what to do.  If you have a muscle stretching, you can put ice on the painful place.

Why I said “ballet”?  Because, as all the people know , besides beating itself, ballet  is not a sporting contest, but a show, bullies are not professional athletes, but true stunt, since childhood preparing to get in the ring.  There are directors, screenwriters and so on there.  Comments “crap” are superfluous.  Ballet did not look for sports, but for the show.  Therefore, as I said, tonight, go to the ballet.